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Our Purpose

Innovate in the use of space with modular solutions creative, efficient and comfortable.

At Ezbox Modular Solutions we focus on work in a personalized way to offer our clients and users the possibility of experiencing the spaces they own, in a different way and with greater productivity.

We achieve this through the use of variety of designs and alternatives for both outdoors with prefabricated modules, such as for interiors through the incorporation of furniture and other services.


It allows us to think critically andand a lot of creativity.

It is the first key to the business relationship we manage. It guarantees us to give a satisfactory solution to the customer.

To create adaptable and innovative solutions

Our second key to connecting with our customer; the more trust, the greater the development and motivation to generate the right solution.

To assume the needs and problems of our customers as if they were our own.

Our third key to generating assertive and reliable solutions

We have a highly qualified team capable of developing in the new trends of modular design, technological, environmental and governmental compliance.


our why?

We understand the cost of the spaces and important which is the and quality to effectively manage a project.

We believe that the modular designfrom the perspective of the Creative and accurate designis key to development of multiple sectors.

We seek to make more productive our clients' projects by using the knowledge and experience of our team to to achieve modular designs that make the most of space.

We solve needs or problems where and when they are required. Our greatest strength is that we easily adapt the resources and needs of each client, turning it into an innovative, solid and tangible project in a short period of time. 

EZBOX Modular Solutions

It produces innovative ideas that transform empty spaces, in living spaces. 

Making our customer grow.

EZbox in America








Technical assistance and support

What characterizes us

With a presence throughout the Americas, we have served a diversity of sectors, transformation, services and social impact.

EZBOX since its foundation has a reciprocal relationship of growth with its customers. We are the first modular solutions provider in the Americas.

Constant monitoring of trends and continuous learning of new technologies that allow us to add value to our clients.

Constant use of new materials and modular systems that are lighter, easier, eco-friendly and quick to assemble.

We analyze different points of view and find new ways to approach each project.

Easy to transport, simple and quick to install.

Diversity in exteriors and interiors, generating comfortable spaces that increase productivity.